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Ingredient Info

The following information is provided in the hopes of helping those with special dietary issues, allergies etc.  You can find a complete ingredient listing at the bottom of each individual product page.

Gluten: Our products are wheat gluten free. We use wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and white distilled vinegar. The distillation process kills gluten. If you've further questions about that vinegar, go to mizkan.com.

MSG: None of our products contain MSG.

Pepper: Most all of our products contain black pepper, except the Ginger and Huckleberry-Ginger Dressings. As for the dry mixes, the Ranch and Bleu Cheese both have black pepper, but the Dill, Spinach and Onion do not.

Onion: Obviously, our Caramelized Onion Sauce and Toasted Onion Dip mix have onion. Other products containing onion are our Spinach and Bleu Cheese Dip mixes as well as our Hickory Sweet Rub.

Garlic: Spinach, Dill, Ranch and Bleu Cheese Dip mixes have garlic as well as our Caramelized Onion sauce and Hickory Sweet Rub. Our Russian dressings and Apricot Dijon dressing also have garlic.

Artificial flavors or colors: We add no artificial colors or flavorings to our products. The hot mustard used in our Apricot Dijon dressing and Caramelized Onion sauce may have artificial or natural flavors added by their manufacturer.

Dairy: Our bottled dressings are all dairy free, even the Toasted Poppy, which has been emulsified to give it a creamy consistency. Our Bleu Cheese, Ranch and Dill Dip mixes also contain dairy.

Seeds: You'll find tiny huckleberry and blueberry seeds in the Huckeberry-Ginger dressing and mustard seeds in our Apricot Dijon dressing as well as poppy seeds in our Toasted Poppy dressing. 

Oils:  We use canola oil in all of our bottled sauces, however, you may find soybeans or soybean oil listed, as this oil is used in some of the mustards we use, as well as in our Toasted Onion Dip mix. 

Corn Syrup or High Fructose Corn Syrup:  We do not add corn syrup or high fructose corn syrups to our products, however, you may find this in small amounts as a secondary ingredient found in the ketchup and some of the mustards we do use.  Corn syrup is a natural substance from corn.

Below are specific ingredients checked for gluten. All are gluten free.

Xanthan Gum.  Hunts or Heinz Ketchup.  French's Worstershire Sauce.  French's Yellow Mustard.  Beaver Hot Dijon Mustard.  Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard.  Double Hi Soy Sauce.  Blue Cheese Powder and Blue Cheese Chunks.

If you have any other ingredient concerns, feel free to call or email questions to us.

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